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BEE continues to explore the power of events which serve to inspire youth to realize the importance of education and the impact education has on their futures. The ACC was just one example. Many other formats are being researched. BEE personnel are also available to consult with other organizations, promoters and producers to support marketing strategies which embrace all facets of the community. BEE believes that successful marketing of an event focused on inspiring youth is not just about the event itself but should be more about the purpose behind the event. The ACC was not a football game between two black colleges/universities. The ACC was a showcase of talent. The talent happened to be in the form of football players, band members, dancing teams, cheering squads, coaches and yes, professional entertainers. However, the primary theme of the marketing message was always focused on the mission: To enhance awareness of the continued existence and relevance of our nations Historically Black Colleges and Universities and inspire youth, minorities in particular, to treat education seriously and consider an HBCU as an institution of choice for post-secondary education.

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