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Judith Emmert,
BEE Publishing Editorial Director
John T. Fleming III,

John is responsible for BEE operations, including public relations and community outreach programs. He is a graduate of Hampton University, where he received an undergraduate degree in communications. His personal experience at an HBCU is integral to effectively promoting the significance and relevance of HBCUs.  After receiving his Master’s in Business Administration, John III continued his media related work with one of the largest media companies in the nation as well as serve as a founding executive of BEE. His is currently the principal owner of Fleming Media.

Judith Emmert brings over 25 years of marketing, communications, and product development experience to BEE. She is the creative force behind BEE publications and communications, utilizing a career in book, newspaper, and multimedia publishing to oversee all public relations, corporate communications, marketing communications, content and product development.

John T. Fleming,
President & CEO

A successful entrepreneur, businessman, author, publisher and speaker, John spent many years within the ranks of a major U.S. corporation. Upon retiring in 2005, he founded Black Educational Events out of his concern for the escalating high school dropout rates among minorities in urban areas across the country. His personal mission is to inspire minority youth in particular, through events and publications, to further realize the importance of education, the opportunities available at HBCUs and the continued significance of the roles these institutions have played and continue to play in the development of America.

In addition to staff, the Advisors/Strategic Partners include free-lance writers, graphic artist, digital designers, website developers and attorneys.


Romona Foster,
BEE/HBCU Today Social Media Director

Romona Foster is a highly endorsed Social Media Consultant and Facebook Ad Specialist. She is an

engaging speaker who is passionate about all things related to Social Media Marketing.  She trains

groups and individuals on how to use the social media tools and best practices of email marketing. 

Romona manages all BEE and HBCU Today Social Media and Outreach Marketing.

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